Divine Order of the Zodiac

A collection of 10,000 NFTs which celebrate the mystical and arcane forces that guide our fates. For more info on roadmap and team join us on discord.

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/ 10,000 Zodiacs remaining

How many Zodiacs would you like to purchase?

Max 20

Cost: 0.06 ETH + Gas

Total Cost: 0.60 ETH + Gas

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Zodiac Lookup Tool

Find Zodiacs for a natal horoscope by entering birth information below.

  • Tip: Use this tool to look up latitude and longitude based an address.

Zodiac Lookup Tool

Sun Sign:
Moon (Constellation):

Sample Zodiacs

  • Sign: Virgo
  • Form: Ethereal
  • Elemental: Fire
  • Necklace: Pluto
  • Eyepiece: Prophetic Sight
  • Armor: Windmail
  • Helmet: Bone Helm
  • Constellation: Aquarius
  • Sign: Sagittarius
  • Form: Ethereal
  • Elemental: Wind
  • Necklace: Moon
  • Eyepiece: Knightly Visor
  • Armor: Chainmail
  • Helmet: Brutish Helm
  • Constellation: Leo
  • Sign: Pisces (rare)
  • Form: Celestial Flame
  • Elemental: Fire (rare)
  • Necklace: Moon
  • Eyepiece: Planetary Vision
  • Armor: Solar Carapace
  • Helmet: Galactic Swirl
  • Constellation: Virgo


25% SOLD


First 3 challenges are funded including custom airdrops for challenge winners and a dedicated 5 ETH prize pool for challenge winner and giveaways for verified holders.

50% SOLD

Airdrops for Holders

Each month anyone who holds the "double sign" Zodiac for that month (i.e. Pisces background and Pisces sign) will be receive a special new airdrop NFT of that month's sign (minted to the number of holders). We will start with Virgo's on Aug 23rd. These may be done by Gossip Goblin or custom collabs with other artists.


First 6 challenges funded including 10 ETH prize pool.

75% SOLD

Birth Chart NFT

Anyone holding all 12 Zodiac signs will get a free customized Birth Chart NFT airdrop that includes their Sun, Ascendant and Moon signs corresponding to their birthday/time/location.


First 12 challenges funded including 20 ETH prize pool.

100% SOLD

Custom Birth Chart Display

Anyone holding "rare" version of all 12 Zodiac signs will be able to get a free custom Nifted (or similar) physical display with their birth chart NFT displayed (https://nifteddisplays.com/).


First 18 challenges funded including 30 ETH prize pool.

All art hand drawn by GossipGoblin


After 4 pm EST on July 14th, all previously minted Zodiacs will be revealed. Additionally, all new Zodiacs will be revealed within several minutes of minting. Zodiacs may appear initially as unrevealed, but requesting a refresh on Opensea after a minute or two will reveal the artwork.

On July 17th we will close out sales and no more will be minted ever, even if all 10k Zodiacs have not been minted (thereby reducing the total possible supply). This will lock the collection at the mint count forever adding rarity and scarcity to the supply. (i.e if 7k are sold my July 17th, then the other 3k will be unminted forever).

Please reach out to us in the #general channel of our Discord!

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